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The Process

1) Upload a 'seed' image

Upload up to three photos that will be the 'seeds' for creating your artwork. You will need to supply your name and email address for order identification and optionally a phone number. Note that you retain copyright to your images as per  international copyright law.

2) PattoShop will turn 'seeds' into artworks

The submitted photos will be ‘PattoShopped’ to create at least one artwork – but usually more – typically comprising a series of variations - from subtle to crazy wild. Each image will be at least 25 megapixels in size - supporting a printed size of at least one square metre.

3) Within 7 Days you can view and optionally purchase the results

There is no obligation to purchase any of the produced artworks. They will be made available for viewing and purchase via a private link which you will receive via email. You can freely give this link to others should they wish to purchase directly. After 14 days this link may be retired or the gallery may become publicly accessible.

Products and Pricing

The artworks are made available as:

• prints

• ready-to-hang artworks

• desktop decorations

• digital downloads

Check out the Products Menu in the navigation bar above for a full descriptions of the wide variety of presentations available.


There are two different pricing structures depending on whether you are purchasing from the Bespoke section or elsewhere. The following links provide a rough guide to pricing using square prints without any ad-ons as examples:

Bespoke Square Artworks Price list

Non-bespoke Square Artworks Price list

Most products are carefully flat-packed - damage during shipment is very rare.

For further product options and shipping details  click the BUY button on an image or select Products > Finishing Options from the Menu above.


If you spend over AUD$300 (ex shipping and add-on costs) you will receive a 20% discount on further items added to your cart. When asked for payment info, you will see a Coupon Code field. The code is not case sensitive. The discount will be applied immediately and will be visible as you complete your order.

Local Orders

If you are in the Perth region you can contact me directly regarding other print and mounting options.

Making A Purchase

See the first item under the PRODUCTS menu for details on how to order finished artworks.

Guidelines For Selecting Photos To Submit

Moral Rights and Copyright

Don’t upload images with recognisable people in them. Apart from raising issues of privacy - the process can do weird things to the human face and form. Images where people are a minor component are OK.

Don’t upload images which any of the interested parties might consider an invasion of privacy.

Only upload images where you own the copyright or you own the right to reproduce the image.

Note: You automatically own the copyright to any photos you take

Image resolution and quality

Upload 8 megapixel or greater jpgs. e.g. An iPhone 6 produces 8MP images from the back camera and more recent models 12MP. The number of megapixels is calculated by multiplying the height and width in pixels. e.g 3,000 by 4,000 pixels equals 12 megapixels. Don’t upload blurry images.


The submission form allows you to specify some image preferences to better compliment the final display environment. e.g. warm, cool, black and white, colourful, pastel etc. These preferences will be taken as general guidelines only.

Subject Matter
The submitted photos don’t have to be great. Average photos can be great seeds for PattoShopping. The following examples might help in choosing your image >


  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

Images like these might not be so productive >

Not So Good

Untitled photo
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