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Forget about PhotoShop – this is PattoShop - a unique web service for creating bespoke artworks from images you supply!

We are both an on-line gallery and a vehicle for you to contribute to the creative process by submitting your own 'seed' images. The bespoke results are then made available for sale to the contributor and join others images in the on-line gallery. 

Most of the catalog comprises images that have germinated from a 'seed' photo. Through a variety of digital processes this seed photo leads to a series of images portraying a theme with variations.  These variations may range from images with clear links to the original photos to abstractions where the creative journey has taken me to another country - or planet!

The theme and variations evident in a collection makes this process particularly appropriate for public or corporate buildings where the artworks display a direct reference to their surroundings.

Many images play with patterns and repetitions reminiscent of kaleidoscopes or mandalas. 

Symmetry/Asymmetry • Pattern/Randomness • Figuration/Abstraction

I also include a collection of photographs and 'photo constructions' - often focussing on mundane or minimal settings.

Other Amusements

Between 1995 and 2000 I was a founding member of the contemporary dance company skadada composing the music and engineering interactive technologies for critically acclaimed performances around Australia and Asia. Some of my sound pieces can be found here with a few pieces for sale on most music streaming services under the name of pattopatto

I'm also an I.T. consultant specialising in Apple technologies and FileMaker development trading as The Human Interface

Please feel free to email constructive suggestions for improving this site!

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